Thursday, October 21, 2004

sem break

sem break is suppose to be rest ryt? well for me it isn't its work...well i led myself to it. im currently finishing or should i say starting my ojt with today. everyday we go on coverage, its quite exciting because you get to meet and bond with people who write the news in the major papers. aside from that, im also experiencing life in the media world. its tiring but fulfilling (i guess).
just before this, we covered a press con with the health secretary exposing the contraceptive donations given by the USAID. well gotta share this, if you know sumbody using pills just tell that mom to go to heath centers because they are given for free (except for those cities who are against the artificial method like Manila but i think qc is pro the artificial). for guys, sorry but condoms are no longer available (bhe!) the usaid has stopped from supplying. well moms need to take advantage of the freebies because soon the usaid will stop supplying us.
one thing more, this country has so many problems that the government is denying. they are saying that everything is under control but actually its not! the figures will show. there really is a need for all of us to be aware of whats happening in the country so we will know what to do....

Monday, October 04, 2004


for the past days, i have been feeling so weak. i dunno it seems to me that all the paper works i had to rush the past week took all my energy. i still have a couple to finish before the week ends and im already starting to deteriorate (hahh)! correction make that three
anyway the semester will soon be over and i can't believe that it is finally reaching an end. i feel that this sem isn't as good as the rest. i did not seem to enjoy learning fling ko i learned nothing or so i thought...don't get me wrong i believe my teachers were good enough to be in their positions but i don't think i absorbed the lessons really well. i guess th prob is with me, not with them
my life is filled with failures. i don't think i ever succeeded in anything. im a total failure! im a wreck! i dunno i guess im starting to be paranoid again! sometimes i just wanna leave this world and go somewhere else where nobody can remember me or judge me for being human. i want to start all over again, i want to renew my life in a new a new a new planet! (how i wish)
my failures are like my shadows, they follow me wherever i go. no matter how much i desire to depart from it, i couldn't because it is already a part of me...a part of my being, a part of my personality. Failureprobably is the biggest stain my personality can ever have...something that i will be ashamed of all my life.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


haluuu tgal naku d ng vvisit ng blog spot ko la lang dami ginagawa eh un lang

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

im sooooo happy because ms claire, cosmo's asso. ed, has finally accepted my invitation for an interview. while i was trying to find ways on how to contact her i was having second thoughts. i had this vibe that she might neglect my proposal but when i talked to her on the phone all those negative vibes were erased.
she sounded really nice and i hope ill have a good time with her. im already excited to meet her but i still have to wait until friday next week because she is out of town right now. btw can sumbody please tell this idiot how to reach rob galeria using a public utility vehicle? i dunno how to get there really. russel told me to just take the bus but if id prefer riding an fx. call me maarte but i don't like riding a bus. 8i just hope i get there on time for the interview and get back to class by three. basta excited naku!
as for other matters, i got pissed off last saturday because we weren't able to go to klownz. i am tasked to feature the place but until now i haven't visited it yet, thanks to the rain. russel and i agreed to just go this saturday. i just hope it doesn't rain again! i want to finish the article already although i know saturday would be a busy day for me. well its never too tiring if youre w/ the one you love (nyah nyah). you see i've got a busy sked this sat...we have a meeting for the journalese, a day at quiapo (for our magazine & newspaper o dba 2 in 1)--P500 challenge, interview w/ fortune tellers and picture! picture! then ill have to go to klownz and study my lessons after (duh?!) kiddin! and for the rest of the month, ill be spending more and more moooohhhney and get busier each day!
we have to finish a magazine, a newspaper, an on-line magazine and an intensive research for lit journ. my days would be gloomy and sleepless (nyah nyah). im starting to do what i can now but i can't help but think of our anniversary....(tears) i wanna spend the whole day w/ russel but can't do that we still have to watch a play at UP and he still needs to attend his class.
until now i still can't think of anythin nice to give him. i want to give him sumthin really special like what i've been doin the past years but it seems i have already given him all the creative stuff i can think of and im running out of ideas (damn it!).
last week my cousin and i went to the mall and looked for sumthin to give him but we saw nothin of interest for him but many for us hehehe. the brightest idea i had that time was to buy him a comfortable pillow because he loves to sleep. i want to make him feel my presence everytime he sleeps (feeling! so mushy). would that be alright? a pillow---a plain white pillow for an anniversary gift and maybe a red rose. but i wanna print our pictures and make a magazine (prob: i don't have time *tears*). i hate it! i always want our anniversary to be special---unforgettable, meaningful and lovely----full of love---haay i wish i could have that....

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

masaya mag-tagalog

yaaaah! sobraang miss ko na blog spot ko0o0o0! its tuesday today...walang pasok kaso lang umuulan naman so im stuck iside the house again but i never realized staying home is that booring! actually d naman sobrang boring mdyo lang kasi naman nagbungkal sila sa daan sa hrap ng place namin nilipat kc ung metro ng tubig namin para (wishin) lumakas naman kahit ppno tubig namin. nga pla lm nyo ba magreformat ng pc? sira kc ung pc sa bhay ayaw gumana basta cnsabi lang "detecting primary master detecting primary slave...chuva". ewan ko ba kung ano problma sa buhay ng pc na un...haaay wla 2loy magamit. sana may sumagot snyo hehehe (salamash in advance).


ikakasal na pla ung pnsan ko kaso lang sa anniv namin ang date ng kasal nla. pumunta sila sa haus kna aask nila if i can be 1 of their bridesmaids. i rili dunno how 2 answer her kaya tawa na lang ako. i want to attend the wedding kaso lang uuwi pa ako ng ilocos & minsan lang in a year naccelbrate anniv kaya hindi na lang ako ppunta pro baka uwi ko b4 the wedding para sa project ko. sana mainterview kko na si chaviiiit!


gusto ko na talaga pmunta sa balao-balao kaso hindi pa pwede ung mga kasama ko. i dunno what's with me at intrested tlaga ako dun. kagabi muntik nku makipag-away kay tristan kc naman pinipilit na dun daw ung food trip ng class pag nangyari un mag-iiba nanamn kami ng resto...i know its a vested interest pero i rili want that resto featured in our mag! (^_^) pacencia na kung gn2 ko minsan2 lang naman eh hehehe(humirit pa!)


may bago na pla kming borders lilipat na cla sa thursday. ok lang naman cla (pero ung 1 parang pok2 sma ko no0h! basta sabi nla nurse daw cla pnkita p nga id eh) kso lang parang hindi pa kmi lahat handa para sa pagdating nila. lm m ung fling na kkadjust mo plang and here comes another...masaya na kami na 3 nlang eh kya lng wla kami magagawa kc that house is meant for renting...sana lang ok sila kasama sana rin hindi cla kagaya nung past borders na moody at wlang pakialm sa mundo ung tpong tagaktak na pawis m0 kkaigib ng 2big nakahilata parin cla sa kama tapos gagamitin pa ung inigib mo...kaasar lang! buti wala na cla...nagsorry naman sila sa lahat ng atraso bago umalis kaya medyo ok narin...medyo lang hehehe


tapos na pla ako kumanta sa spanish class ko hehe

tierra adorada hija del sol de oriente su fuego ardiente no te hollaran jamas.....


maya na lang uli ko magkkwento friendster naman hehe

Monday, August 23, 2004

arrrgh! sobrang sakit na ng ulo ko ive been searching the net for articles about chavit singson but i haven't found anything substantial...i mean sumthin that i can use for my project. sabi kasi ng tatay ko it would be hard to reach him...he is always out of sight and scheduling an interview with him would really be difficult i wonder where he is always going. being a governor seems one hell of a job!
yesterday, we did newswriting again...the usual stuff--a typewriter,a 1 page press release and an hour to finish an eight paragraph news article oh correct that, make it 12! it was soooo tiring not only because of the use of type writer but also because of the time pressure. i dunno why they always wanna place us under time pressure. we produce crap...crap...and more crap! gudthin that was our last writing exercise, we will finally start with the real stuff hmmm i wanna feel excited but im not oh well i just hope it will be exciting!
last night, we conceptualized our proposal for the magazine we are to create at first i was in the mood but then bad wind hit me and i just kept quite and watched my groupmates deal with the stuff. they thought i was mad or sumthin so they tried to ask what was wrong but how could i tell them if even i don not what is the prob. guess im goin back to my crazy days again..,kinda miss it (nyah nyah)
i wanna visit balao-balao (dunno how to spell it right), a restaurant in rizal that serves exotic foods. i wanna eat sumthin really weird just hope it wouldn't cost much (dream on!)
for the past days, i have been longing for home. i dunno i just miss my room, my place, my home, the food there hhmmm everything about it! for a while i wanna escape city tyrd and i just wanna rest (feeeling!) but i don't think i can do that now. im stuck with so many things to do plus i still don't have the budget for it...the fare has gone P80 higher! it would cost me less than a thousand to go back and forth and also an 8 hour boring trip. hmm i still wanna visit home!
my friend will have the biggest shock of her life...
im ranting nyah nyah!
tadah! useless post :(

Thursday, August 19, 2004

another one

yesterday, august 18 was our 35th monthsary, a month away from our anniversary. it was more of like an ordinary day we did not see each other and just went on with our usual day. what made it different though were the greetings we had for each other. last night while we were talking on the phone, i was getting sentimental (ulk) nah i was longing for a sweet embrace. i wanted to be caressed but muh baby is too far <_> to do that hmm it didn't work anyway. he just went on talking but his school stuff and there my tampo was lost to complete oblivion! well i guess i just have to deal with it (i have no choice). i wonder how he does that. he easily escapes while i don't hmmp! im an idiot when it comes to telling lies...i always get caught! anyone who can teach me how to lie? ;)
anyways its been almost three years and were still together (miracle!). it really is a miracle because of all that we have gone through. the relationship we have now has gone through a roller coaster ride but we managed to survive. there was a time when i really felt giving up because of all the pressures that bombarded mom mostly! everyone (his family and mine) were all wishing for our relationship to end. at that time, i wanted to end it too and i found no hope for whatever we started but then destiny (hmm) worked its magic for us not to break up. but that didn't end there we still had many problems along the way and had many things to prove. it was hard but we made it.
a friend once asked me if he is my all in one guy (like coffee?) and i gave it a thought then i answered yes. now im giving it a thought he really? yes (i only wanted to make sure). he is not perfect (who is? nobody!) but i love him the way he is. i have learned to accept everything i know about him and that i guess is what's making me love him more. at this point, we have gone through a deeper level of intimacy...he now asks me to stay behind him for a few seconds then he farts! (now that intimate! phew!) he gets so naughty at times he even inserts my finger on his nose (haha kidding! nah that's true! kidding!>_<). but then everything has to be paid so i bite him really hard on his arms not only once but alot of times until he feels numb (nyah nyah) i enjoy doing it and i dunno why! i seem to feel a sense of fulfillment (vampire? dog? cannibal?). hmm maybe i need to visit my dentist to sharpen my teeth its getting duller everytime.

i just finished my prelim in experimental psychology and it was quite hard. i spent so many hours studying it and now my head aches! it took my classmates 30 minutes finishing the exam and i can't understand why i always end up as one of those people last to leave the examination room. damn im really stupid! stupid! stupid! i just hope i got high on that one. btw russel is almost done with his first sem. while i was busy reviewing for my prelims he was busy preparing for his final exams. we have just finished half of the sem while they are just a couple of days away hmmmp! its unfair! how come they get to have three semesters in a school year while we get two? suddenly, i want to switch school na...kidding i love my school despite all the dirt im starting to see (ooops i did not just say that). well, i guess every school have sumthin like that. enough of it okey!
yesterday, i tried one of dapitan's specialties...siomai! it was 4pieces for P10! honestly, i had doubts of eating it but ria(one of those naughty classmates i have) often eats it and so with brent and carmela so i decided to eat it up. it isn't as good as those worth P6 per piece but it was enough to satiate my craving. and guess what...lim still alive (nyah nyah)!